End-2-End eCommerce Solutions

You are a newly minted internet entrepreneur or executive in an organization, tasked with developing strategies to market your product, service, or charity online, or perhaps expand your current eCommerce operation. You want to create a beautiful, intuitive website and implement innovative strategies tailored to your specific online marketing and selling needs. It starts with a design, a stream-of-thought that gives a voice and a look and feel to introduce or expand your reach to the digital masses. The design becomes a reality first through a creative process, graphics and a website user-experience that gets people talking about you. Making that design and creativity come to life with a useable and streamlined public web interface happens by way of talented developers; you know, those guys you see coding away in the corner at Starbucks. There’s so much more going on behind the cyber scenes than most would realize, such as:

(1) the Internet server to-be

(2) accommodating the scaling required for growth

(3) cyber-security

(4) payment gateways and transaction processing requirements

(5) PCI compliance and fraud prevention

(6) search engine optimization (SEO)

(7) marketing of all types―including viral social media, eMail and customer behaviors, print, radio, television, and much more that goes into making your mark in the digital arena.

What about preparing for customer care, order fulfillment, returns and exchange handling, and warehousing? The list goes on and on. Everything that’s necessary to make your online presence known and highly functional―a truly outstanding experience for customers―is End-to-End eCommerce.